1.8 Personnel

Fingrid employed 380 (380) persons, including temporary employees, at the end of the year. The number of permanent per-sonnel was 338 (327). At the end of the year, 24 (23) per cent of the personnel were women and 76 (77) per cent were men. The average age of the personnel was 44 (44).

During 2019, the personnel received a total of 14,112 (14,979) hours of training, with an average of 37 (39) hours per person. Employee absences due to illness accounted for 1 (1) per cent of the total working hours. In addition to a compensation system that is based on the requirements of each position, Fingrid has in place a merit pay and incentive bonus scheme. 

Fingrid’s operations are based on an open, collaborative, renewing and high-performing work community. The personnel are strongly committed to the company’s vision and mission. The meaning of the work – responsibility for the functioning of the electricity system – is an integral part of daily work. Fingrid employees work to achieve the clean power system of the future. 

Fingrid is a specialist organisation whose operations are strongly based on knowledge and expertise and people’s ability to apply that knowledge in their daily work. The work requires solid factual expertise, but also the ability to interact and share information with other specialists.

Fingrid is committed to promoting diversity in everything it does. The company guarantees equal opportunities, rights and treatment to all employees and makes use of its personnel’s diverse expertise. In accordance with its employer promise, the company has committed to a collaborative atmosphere where the organisational culture and management practices are respectful, fair and tolerant to all. Fingrid abides by the principles of non-discrimination, equality and diversity in its HR policy. 

Employees have extensive decision-making powers and each one of them works independently in a specialist role, drawing on the expertise and insights of colleagues and networks. Work is guided by a shared strategy and good governance practices.

As technology and the entire operational environment evolve, working life changes continuously. Fingrid responds to these changes by offering its employees opportunities to develop and grow their competence. The approach of securing expertise as a strategic choice improves the quality of personnel planning and helps the company to better prepare for future needs. Fingrid takes a broad view of learning and development: employees are offered opportunities for on-the-job learning through demanding tasks, complex projects and job rotation. Fingrid Academy offers all specialists training and coaching programmes related to supporting the company’s strategy. The company has focussed especially on developing the communication, interaction and engagement skills of specialists. 

In 2019, Fingrid Academy offered coaching for supervisors, project management coaching, training in O365 tools, language and multicultural coaching and unit-specific coaching mainly related to change, work community and emotional skills. The training programme called Loikka (i.e. ‘Leap’) was targeted at specialists and aimed at increasing their communication and engagement skills. During the year under review, supervisors were offered a coaching programme called Johtamisen polku (‘Management path’), which put the emphasis on bold supervisory work and performance management. In addition to shared training provided by the company, personnel can take the initiative by proposing specific training to boost their know-how. In 2019, each Fingrid employee received an average of 5 (5) days of training. 

The work atmosphere and success of leadership are monitored through annual personnel surveys. A Great Place to Work employee survey was carried out in 2019. Based on the results, employees consider Fingrid to be a good place to work overall. The overall result, i.e. the Trust Index, improved somewhat from the previous survey and was 88 (87), which is a top result on the Finnish scale.

In February 2019, Fingrid was awarded as one of Finland’s most inspiring workplaces for the third year in a row. The company placed third in the Responsible Summer Job campaign in the medium-sized company category. 

During the year under review, Fingrid introduced a new alternative for paying quality bonuses, with the personnel deciding to establish a voluntary personnel fund. The objective of the fund is to contribute to the company’s long-term commitment to its employees and to the employees’ commitment to the company.