1.9 Board of Directors and corporate management

Fingrid Oyj’s Annual General Meeting was held in Helsinki on 21 March 2019. The members of the Board of Directors in 2019 were Juhani Järvi (Chair), Päivi Nerg (Deputy Chair), Anu Hämäläinen, Sanna Syri and Esko Torsti. 

PricewaterhouseCoopers Oy was elected as the auditor of the company, with Heikki Lassila, APA, serving as the responsible auditor. 

The Board of Directors has two committees: the Audit Committee and the Remuneration Committee. 

The Audit Committee consisted of Anu Hämäläinen (Chair as of 21 March 2019), Juhani Järvi, Sanna Syri (as of 21 March 2019) and Esko Torsti (Chair) (until 21 March 2019). 

The Remuneration Committee consisted of Juhani Järvi (Chair), Päivi Nerg, Sanna Syri (until 21 March 2019) and Esko Torsti (as of 21 March 2019). 

Jukka Ruusunen serves as President & CEO of the company. Fingrid has an Executive Management Group which supports the President & CEO in the company’s management and decision-making.

A corporate governance statement, required by the Finnish Corporate Governance Code, has been provided separately. The statement and other information required by the Code are also available on the company’s website at  www.fingrid.fi.