Fingrid provides transmission grid and electricity market services to its customers: power companies, electricity-consuming industry and electricity market participants. Although Fingrid’s operations are largely based on performing statutory duties, we strive to put the customer first in the performance of our duties. At the same time, it is important that we serve all our customers fairly and equally.

In addition to being able to offer affordable services that meet customer needs, we value openness, trust and active interaction with our customers. We serve all our customers equally. We engage our customers in developing our operations through, for example, customer committees and network code reference groups. We also carry out extensive annual customer surveys to measure customers’ satisfaction with Fingrid and to collect feedback for developing our operations.

According to a study carried out by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) in 2019, the transmission tariffs for electricity in the Finnish transmission system are the third lowest in Europe, compared with transmission grids of a similar size. The comparison included 36 countries. The three lowest-priced countries where the TSO offers services at all the highest voltage levels were Slovenia, Bulgaria and Finland. For 2020, the grid service fees will be maintained at the previous year’s level.

Image: Price of electricity service. Including costs related to grid operations, such as investments, loss power, system services, but not directly related to transmission system operation, such as public service obligations, feed-in tariff for renewable energy, and peak load capacity. The comparison includes the EEA countries with a transmission system operator in charge of both a 110-kilovolt and 400-kilovolt structure. The 15 countries included in the comparison are: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the UK.

Fingrid does not sell electricity directly to consumers. The small proportion of the grid service fee in consumers’ electricity bill is proof of operational efficiency. Sales, transmission and taxes each make up a third of the electricity price for consumers. In 2019, the grid service fee accounted for an average of 2.4 per cent of the total bill (in a calculation where the household consumer’s consumption is approximately 5,000 kWh/year).

Image: Proportion of grid service fee in consumers’ electricity price

During the year, we organised two major customer events and several info sessions and webinars targeted at smaller audiences concerning, among other things, the Datahub project and the 15-minute imbalance settlement project. The theme of the Fingrid Current event organised in spring was the 90-year-old main grid. The autumn event focused mainly on sector coupling and the transformation of the main grid into a part of the power system of the future.

Our customer base underwent a strong shift in 2019. Electricity retailer companies merged into larger entities, while new wind power operators entered the sector. Connecting wind power to the main grid kept our customer service personnel busy and new connection agreements worth some 2,000 megawatts were concluded during the year. The challenge is to build the new connections and to develop the main grid to meet new transmission needs. Market development projects, such as the Datahub and the 15-min imbalance settlement period, required a lot of discussions with our customers, as they will have large impacts on their metering and information systems.

More than half of customers felt that operations had improved during the past year

According to the customer survey conducted in autumn 2019, customers’ satisfaction with Fingrid has remained at the previous year’s good level. According to the survey, customers perceive Fingrid as an open and co-operative player who works for the benefit of the whole of society and treats its customers equally. Fingrid’s services meet customer needs.

For the first time, we asked our customers to estimate how likely they would be to recommend Fingrid’s way of engaging with customers, based on the widely used Net Promoter Score (NPS). The NPS scale is 0–10 and the result is obtained by subtracting the percentage of detractors (responses 0–6) from the percentage promoters (responses 9–10). Our NPS was 36, which is a good result for a natural monopoly, according to the company that carried out the survey.

Image: Customers’ trust in Fingrid

“A forerunner in Europe, but can always do better.”

In addition to number scores, we received a lot of open-ended feedback, both positive and negative, from the survey. Open-ended feedback is particularly valuable for developing operations. A few examples:

“Fingrid employees are characterised by positivity, a desire to co-operate and, to a suitable extent, also openness."

“A forerunner in Europe but can always do better.”

“In some respects, operations involve too much official formality. They should gain a more in-depth understanding of the customer field and customers’ challenges.”

“Fingrid operates openly and is able to co-operate. Many open events where information is shared, and future plans and changes are disclosed.”

“Expert service readily available with a spot-on attitude.”

Renewal of Fingrid’s services

In spring 2019, we asked our customer committees how they perceive Fingrid’s services. It turned out that the current division of Fingrid’s services is unclear and complicated for the majority of the committee members.

Based on the survey, we brought more clarity to Fingrid’s services and regrouped them into larger packages. Our service offering now consists of main services, which are grid services and electricity market services. 

The task of grid services is to secure reliable transmission capable of meeting the needs of electricity companies and energy intensive industry. Our value proposition is to offer reliable and affordable electricity transmission.

The task of electricity market services is to offer all market participants a unified bidding area in Finland and the benefits of open European electricity markets. According to Fingrid’s value proposition, we are the most market favourable transmission company.

Going forward, we will develop services as packages and engage our customers even more in the actual service development work.

Grid services

Reliable and affordable electricity transmission

We secure reliable transmission capable of meeting the needs of electricity companies and energy intensive industry.

Electricity market services

The most market favourable transmission company

We offer all market participants a “unified bidding area Finland” and the benefits of open European electricity markets.

We develop our services in close cooperation with our customers and take into account their different needs. Our tariffs are among the lowest in Europe.

My Fingrid: for all data

My Fingrid: for all data

My Fingrid, an electronic service portal, was released to all customers in May. The service was made more user friendly with the help of five pilot customers. In My Fingrid, customers can view, for example, electricity transmission metering, invoicing and reactive power information as well as disturbance and transmission outage information. Different data can also be updated and reported through the service.

The service is being developed continuously, and new functionalities will be added based on customers’ needs and wishes.