Investment decisions and planned investments

Five upcoming projects are in the general planning stage in 2020. They will proceed to the construction phase within the next few years, in accordance with the main grid development plan.

Digitalising maintenance management – Adopting IoT solutions: more automated maintenance management and data transfer

We equipped nine of our substations with IoT sensors in 2019. The new IoT solutions aim at a new way of more proactive fault monitoring and thus more transparent equipment and asset management. This technology will save maintenance work and decrease fault-related disturbances as well as enable maintenance to be more precisely targeted to actual needs, which improves cost-effectiveness. Our vision is to fit all substations with IoT sensors and utilise the same technology also on transmission lines.

Aerial photography of the grid started

During the year under review, Fingrid launched an aerial photography project on the main grid, in which all of the company’s transmission lines will be photographed and laser scanned. The data obtained will be utilised extensively, from grid documentation to an accurate analysis of the trees on the edges of power line right-of-ways. The accurate data will enable more efficient and safer planning and implementation of the necessary maintenance measures. The extensive image database to be created will be utilised in a project planned to develop automatic detection of transmission line maintenance needs by means of image recognition.

Learning environment for maintenance work created in Tampere

The professionals involved in grid and transmission line construction and maintenance are a fairly small group of specialists, which means that the availability of vocational training for builders and maintainers is rather limited. To improve the training possibilities for the industry, we have started co-operation with Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK), contractors and network operators. The co-operation will result in the construction of a voltage-free learning environment consisting of a 110-kilovolt substation and two transmission lines in Tampere. The facility will be available for contractors, network operators and learning institutions starting from autumn 2020.