Reserve power provides security in disturbances

We own ten reserve power plants helping to secure reliable supply of electricity for our customers and society. The reserve power plants are rarely used but we maintain readiness at all times. When the need arises, Fingrid has roughly a 1,000-megawatt capacity reserve ready to be started up instantaneously.

The reserve power plants are only used in major disturbances of the power system, such as a large power plant being temporarily incapable of feeding electricity to the grid. The reserve power plants are not used for commercial electricity production. Another reason for maintaining and developing the reserve power plants is the unlikely, but nevertheless possible event of a major disturbance. Furthermore, we develop the reserve power plants to compensate for the reactive power generated in the power system.

We maintain up-to-date security standards at our reserve power plants. In 2019, we completed a scheduled upgrade project at the Naantali reserve power plant, with the main objective of improving environmental and fire safety. The project involved replacing the fuel oil and extinguishing systems, among other things. The planning of an upgrade project concerning the Vanaja reserve power plant was also started in 2019.