6. President & CEO

The President & CEO is a corporate body, as defined in the Limited Liability Companies Act. The President & CEO attends to the administrative routines of the company in accordance with guidelines provided by the Board of Directors. In accordance with the Limited Liability Companies Act, the President & CEO is responsible for ensuring that the company's bookkeeping complies with legislation and that financial management is reliably organised. Assisted by the executive management group, the President & CEO is responsible for the operations of the company and the implementation of the Board of Directors’ decisions and serves as the Chair of the Board of the subsidiaries. The President & CEO is not a member of the company’s Board of Directors.

Jukka Ruusunen (D.Sc. Tech., born 1958) has acted as Fingrid's President & CEO since 2007. He does not own Fingrid shares nor does he have share-based rights in Fingrid or in a company that belongs to the same group as Fingrid.