8. Advisory committee

Fingrid’s Board of Directors appoints an advisory committee with 10 to 14 members to serve as a link between the company and its customers. The advisory committee is an advisory body which provides perspectives on the company’s business operations and customer services from a customer point of view. The advisory committee widely represents electricity producers, transmitters, sellers, users and other electricity market actors. 

The advisory committee is set out in Fingrid’s articles of association. The Board annually confirms the regulations concerning the work of the advisory committee. The term of office of the members of the advisory committee is three years. The President & CEO and Vice President responsible for the company’s customer relationships participate in the advisory committee’s meetings.

The composition of the advisory committee is set out on the company’s website.

The advisory committee convened four times during the year. In its meetings, the advisory committee dealt with, among other things, the renewal of Fingrid’s services, the investment needs and changes to Fingrid’s grid operations arising from the increasing use of renewable energy, the company’s readiness rehearsals and the energy companies’ experiences concerning data management.