Mission and business model

Our mission

Fingrid is Finland’s transmission system operator. We secure reliable electricity for our customers and our society and we shape the clean and market-oriented power system of the future.

Our values

We are transparent, efficient, impartial and responsible in all our operations.

Our vision

We are an exemplary transmission system operator.

A highly esteemed energy influencer in Finland and across the globe.

Known for its responsibility, efficiency and expertise.

Capable of reinventing itself and a profitable operator that embraces change.

Business model

The purpose of the business model is to describe the most important material and immaterial resources at our disposal that are necessary for the business processes. The impact of Fingrid’s operations and the significant added value they generate show in various ways throughout Finnish society.

Image: Fingrid’s business model

Our operations are based on Finnish and EU legislation. In accordance with the Finnish Electricity Market Act, we develop the main grid, maintain a balance between electricity consumption and generation and promote the preconditions for a well-functioning electricity market. The EU Electricity Regulation obligates us to co-operate within ENTSO-E, and regionally to improve the functioning of the internal electricity market. Our task is to participate in the drawing up and implementation of the market, operating and connection codes and the proposals prescribed in them. Fingrid’s operations are supervised and regulated by the Energy Authority, which has granted the company a licence for grid operations.