Value creation

Through its business, Fingrid creates significant shared value for its customers, employees, shareholders and the whole of Finnish society. The value created by Fingrid in 2019 is described below.

Every Finn can see the value of our work and a reliable electricity infrastructure because they can plug into a socket whenever they need power, which is not a given in all parts of the world. Our value for society stems from us maintaining an affordable and stable grid service pricing level, which plays a role in Finland’s competitiveness.

We also create value for achieving climate goals by building a strong main grid that is necessary for clean electricity, and a well-functioning electricity market. The indirect positive handprint of our operations is considerable, taking into account the carbon dioxide emissions that can be avoided through clean energy connected to the grid. This topic is elaborated in more detail in the Environment section.

For 2019, we will pay the state and municipalities EUR 35 million in corporate income tax, which will be channelled back into Finnish society to build well-being. In addition to our employees, the service providers employed by our numerous projects also benefit from the value we create.

Image: Value created by Fingrid in 2019